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Stoneleigh & Ashow News

                            Stoneleigh & Ashow News


The Stoneleigh & Ashow News replaced the traditional Parish magazine some years ago in recognition of the fact that it  contained general news and information as well as Church news.   The News is funded by voluntary contributions rather than subscriptions;  the Treasurer issues occasional appeals for contributions.  A copy is delivered to every house in the Parish by a team of volunteer distributors.  (n.b.  Leek Wootton has retained its own magazine).

There are ten issues each year, monthly except that the December-January and July-August are combined issues.

Each issue of the News has a different editor. An organisational meeting is held every January at which the previous year’s experience is reviewed, editorial allocations are made and future policies decided. 

Details of each editor are published and contributors are asked to submit items by 18th of the preceding month which allows time for compilation and printing, then distribution by the end of the month.  There are regular items from the Parish Council, the Vicar, the Village Club, Women’s Institute, and Neighbourhood Watch.  Every September a list of contacts for village organisations is published. Other contributions are welcomed and are published at the discretion of the editor. 

Advertisements are occasionally published, again at the discretion of the editor.  Current rates are £25 for a full page and £12.50 for a half page. 

In 2008 it was decided to substitute the previous cut-and-paste method of production with a desktop publishing system, Page Plus.  The assistance of Tom Frank in making this transition has been invaluable.

Suggestions regarding the News are welcomed, as are offers of help – as an editor or  distributor, or providing a local photograph for the cover, for instance.

Margaret Wallis, Co-ordinator, Stoneleigh & Ashow News