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Council Minutes

Minutes from Parish Council meetings will be posted here for 3 months, after which they may be obtained from the Parish Clerk.Minutes appearing here will at first be in draft form and will then be amended after approval.

 Neighbourhood Planning:

Neighbourhood Plan Minutes March 2016

Neighbourhood Plan-Minutes February16  

Precept 2016-17 

PC -Ord Meeting MinutesApr16 with appendices IMG

PC -Ord Meeting MinutesMar16 with IMG (appendix) and further IMG[1] appendix

PC -Ord Meeting MinutesFeb16with appendix re traffic survey, structure of joint PC etcappendix to meeting

HS2 petitioning

PC-Annual Village Minutes Mar2015(Draft)

PC-Annual MeetingMinutes May2014IMG

PC-Annual MeetingMinutes May2013